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All about SNATCHCodes
« on: August 18, 2006, 01:25:59 pm »
Did you know that you can use MEDIASnatcher to sequentially download files from a site?

We use a special URL called a SNATCHCode to do this.

This is what a SNATCHCode looks like.


This tells MEDIASnatcher to download image000.jpg, image001.jpg, image002, etc... from that URL.

If there are multiple galleries you could do this.


This tells MEDIASnatcher to start at gallery1 and download image000.jpg, image001.jpg, etc. then it goes to gallery2 and downloads image000.jpg, image0001.jpg, and so on.

You can also specify multiple ranges or a single number like this.


You can also tell MEDIASnatcher to pad the inserted number with 0's or not.

(image01.jpg - image20.jpg)

Not Padded
(image1.jpg - image20.jpg)

You can also specify alpha ranges or single letters like this.
Upper and lower case are different. Some servers are case sensitive.

(imagea.jpg - imagem.jpg, imageL.jpg - imageP.jpg, and imagex.jpg)

Mix them up

Or even use multi character constants


MEDIASnatcher will generate every possible combination of REAL URLs and try to download them all.

I hope this explains it well.  If not please ask questions.